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The Dreamcatcher is known to be the ultimate symbol that protects people from nightmares and bad dreams and thus guaranteeing a good night's sleep. Native Americans put so much faith in the powers of the Dreamcatcher, that they used to hang it above their children's cradles and beds.

For that special touch and to make your charm even more special, all the Charms in our collection are delicately and expertly handcrafted in 925 Silver and finished with an 18ct Gold or Rhodium Plating and this beautiful charm is further embellished with a Genuine Topaz Gemstone.

  • Material:................. 925 Silver
  • Gemstone:............. Topaz
  • Gemstone Colour:..White
  • Number of Stones:.One
  • Model No.:...............623-189

Our Charms fit the Christina Leather Cord bracelet, the Christina Silver Charm bracelet and any other brand's Silver Charm bracelet.

All our Silver Jewellery is Rhodium plated so it has a very bright finish, similar to white gold. Rhodium plating also protects the Silver while at the same time diminishes greatly the possibility of the silver tarnishing.

Dream Catcher Charm

PriceFrom €35.00
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