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Ring Size Guide

Buying jewellery online can be one of the most exciting experiences, especially when it's been eagerly awaited, and the jewellery has been chosen with great care.

Online shopping has added a new dimension to this fascinating experience - size guides.


Everything worn on the body requires the correct size and fit, both to look and feel as it should, and jewellery is no exception! Understanding jewellery sizes is crucial when buying jewellery for yourself or a loved one.


Jewellery sizes are essential when you want to style your look and highlight your best features. Just like contouring with makeup, jewellery can enhance or tone down your look, allowing you to create your signature style.

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At 202 Jewellery, we understand the importance of connecting with your inner self when choosing jewellery. We are serious about assisting our loyal customers in finding the best jewellery with the perfect fit to achieve the desired look.

We have put together this size guide to help you start your shiny journey towards finding beautiful jewellery and letting you discover always fashionable jewellery styling.

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When buying rings online, choose your ring size from a chart (or close to it). The experience can be cumbersome, especially if your purchase is significant, such as an engagement ring or couple rings to surprise your loved one. Online ring size guides vary around the world.

Our ring sizes are based on the inner circumference of the ring and range from 48 (diameter: 15.3 mm) to 60 (diameter: 19.1 mm). You can easily identify the corresponding UK or EU size from the chart.


Shopaholic tip: If you are between two sizes, choose the larger size.

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