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Celebrate the most beautiful planet in our solar system, planet earth and the World that we live on with our friends, family, the rest humanity and nature. A charm that can be a subtle way to tell her that she is your world. Great gift to give to a friend or a loved one.

All the Charms in our collection are delicately and expertly handcrafted in 925 Silver and are all available in a Silver or Gold Finish

Material: 925 Silver
Gemstone / Crystal:None
Model No:623-283

Our Charms fit the Christina Silver Charm bracelet, any other brand's Silver Charm bracelet and the Christina Leather Cord bracelet.

All our Silver Jewellery is Rhodium plated so it has a very bright finish, similar to white gold. Rhodium plating also protects the Silver while at the same time diminishes greatly the possibility of the silver tarnishing.

Our Gold finished charms are hand-crafted in Silver and plated with 18crt Gold.

Pearly World Pendant Charm

PriceFrom €39.00
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