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Ring with heartwing symbol.

Piece of jewellery that symbolises strength and love.

Powerful language of form and energy through the gently radiant Bicolor.

Ideal kombinierbar mit einer Vielzahl weiterer Schmuckstücke.

Product DetailsRing Wing Heart With 13 White Synth. Cubic Zirconia
925Er Silver Rhodium Plated
8 Mm
One Size.

With Love - The heart-shaped ring is designed for those special people and exudes pure elegance, feminine beauty and radiant youth. The protective wing opens doors for you in life, and the heart gives you love.

The highlight here is the precious shimmering synthetic zirconia stones. Is there something that could be more feminine than radiantly beautiful crystals surrounded by classic silver. When combined with several bracelets, a layering effect can be created resulting in a beautiful symphony as a duo, trio or quartet.

Angel Whisperer uses the highest quality alloy 925 silver for its jewellery. The rhodium used as further refinement serves a pleasant wearing comfort and protects the jewellery from oxidising. All pieces of jewellery are nickel-free and therefore suitable for allergic people.

Wing & Heart Ring Silver with CZ

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